What to expect from an interior designer

Well in order to know what to expect from an interior designer let’s take a look at what they do. Effectively they are there to simplify the process of renovating or redesigning spaces. They work within a clients brief and also very importantly their budget to implement and design to fit their clients lifestyle and Read More »

How to choose the right curtains

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you – curtains make a room. It’s absolutely imperative that you choose them wisely, colour and fabric, lining and length all are critical elements in the process. You have also got to consider off-the-shelf V custom made. So here is some information to help you make the Read More »

How to choose the right sofa

Take a seat! Well I know it sounds rather silly but you actually have to sit on it! Online shopping is great but at the end of the day choosing the right sofa online is difficult at best and sometimes you have got to visit a furniture retailer and sit on the sofa and give Read More »

Decorating ideas for summer

Summer is finally in full flow and we thought we would take this opportunity to give you some sizzling summer decorating tips! Revamp old furniture Got a tired side table or chair that needs some new life? You could spray paint in a summer colour, such as sky blue or grassy green and give it Read More »

How colour affects mood in a room

The link between people’s mood and colours are not completely understood, even by scientists. The colours we choose to live with definitely affect how we feel, think and act. We should certainly take heed to the personality of the colours we choose in a room setting. So what colours influence moods in rooms, we take Read More »

How to make your rooms look bigger

Firstly don’t worry, by the end of reading this blog you won’t have to get the builders in for any renovation work… we promise 🙂 Keep furniture in mind Removing unwanted furniture, for example a chair that you never use is a great way of increasing perceived space. Sometimes a corner seating unit can give Read More »

The advantages of window shutters

The advantages of window shutters Window shutters are a type of window treatment that is predominately used to increase security or to filter sunlight into a home. They can be installed on the inside for easy access or externally to provide protection from weather. Advantages Window shutters have the following advantages: They protect – Interior shutters Read More »

Interior designers – The benefits of hiring one

Hiring an interior designer is definitely something to think about if you’ve not done so already. Interior designers can really serve a purpose for everyone, whether it’s the case of having no idea how or where to start or you have ideas, but need a bit of help to piece them together or you merely Read More »

Curtain Transformation Design Ideas for 2017

Curtains: a simple piece of fabric that once placed over a window pane not only aids in filtering the light coming in to a room but is something that can create ambiance and warmth in a space. If you would like to have a go at transforming the look of your curtains and turning them Read More »

Merry Christmas from Perkins Stockwell

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and it has been a good year for Perkins Stockwell thanks to our supporting loyal customers and also to our staff that strive to provide those customers with a superb service every time. We look forward to being supplying beautiful, high quality furnishings and accessories in 2017 and Read More »

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