How to choose the right curtains

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you – curtains make a room. It’s absolutely imperative that you choose them wisely, colour and fabric, lining and length all are critical elements in the process. You have also got to consider off-the-shelf V custom made.
So here is some information to help you make the right choices…
Fabrics and Colours

When choosing curtains – fabrics are essential. The material will dictate how your curtains will hold up and function over time. If for example, the fabric is a little too heavy they may not fold correctly when drawn. Over the other hand if the fabric is too light they won’t fall well.

To test a fabric, hold it up to a window, even in a showroom and pleat it like an accordian at the top and let it drape down. If it starts to flare, then it’s not going to fall nicely on the window. If you work with a larger sample you will get a better feel of the true drape.

Lining and Length

Firstly decide how high above the window you would like the curtains to drape. if you hang panels higher than the window it will give it a sense of height to the room. If you are after a more traditional look make the curtains longer than they need so that they gather on the floor in a puddled effect. If you are after more of a contemporary look have then fall flush with the floor.

Off-the-shelf v Custom made

If you go for customer window treatments they can offer many benefits. You can tailor the dimensions to the window and make it perfect. It’s important to understand that custom designs come with a considerable price difference.
Washer Machine Friendly V Dry Clean Only

Finally you need to determine whether you buy washer machine friendly or dry clean. You can save a lot of money in the long run however you can damage expensive curtains whilst trying to wash them yourself.

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