How to make your rooms look bigger

Firstly don’t worry, by the end of reading this blog you won’t have to get the builders in for any renovation work… we promise 🙂

Keep furniture in mind

Removing unwanted furniture, for example a chair that you never use is a great way of increasing perceived space.

Sometimes a corner seating unit can give the illusion of a large accommodating room ensuring that there is plenty of seating for all.

Furniture that has multiple uses, e.g. a storage bed, dining/office desk, trunk/coffee table are also worth considering.

Glass coffee or dining tables is another visual trick to use, being able to see through makes the space appear bigger also you might want to consider using furniture with legs as opposed to low to the floor pieces as this also gives an air of spaciousness.


Getting rid of excess clutter is one of the best ways to give an air of calm and tranquillity, you will create visual breathing space that will in turn make your room feel more spacious.

Offer it to the wall!

Why not consider using long, lean shelving. Maybe using it as a bookshelf to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Walls and Floors

Mirrors are a great way to help enlarge space. Hanging a large mirror on a wall facing a window doubles the light and makes the space appear bigger and brighter.

Also choosing the right colours for the walls is a great place to start. Choosing lighter, pastel colours creates a nice airy feel.

Dark floors with white or bright walls also makes rooms feel bigger and creates a grounded feeling to a room.

Light it up!

If you use curtain rods that are wider than your window will let in more light and make your windows seem bigger.

If you use more than one light source of different heights this will give more light illumination and add more visual depth to the room.

One simple way to add a feeling of space is to ensure that all windows are sparkling Clean, clean windows bring in more light and sunshine. giving you a feel good factor.

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