How to choose the right sofa

Take a seat!

Well I know it sounds rather silly but you actually have to sit on it! Online shopping is great but at the end of the day choosing the right sofa online is difficult at best and sometimes you have got to visit a furniture retailer and sit on the sofa and give it a good try out. Try to sit on it as if you were at home and really get comfortable, and remember if you tend to lie down on your sofa at home, test that in the showroom!

Quality is a must!

Ask a lot of questions about how it was made, “What frame does it have e.g. a Beech frame for example. “What kind of warranty does it have?”. Other good questions are “What are the cushions made out of?”, “Could they be washed or removed?”. Also asked questions on the maintenance front as well. Basically there are two things that you need to invest in, your mattress (getting a good night’s sleep is priceless) and the second is the sofa (especially when you take into consideration the hours you spend sitting in it! Do not overlook quality and the importance of it.

What do you fancy?

Choosing something that you like is essential. At the end of the day we are the only ones that have to live with the decisions, and we have to like the sofa and the look of it in our living room. Try not to choose something purely on “what’s in fashion”. Make a choice on what’s right for you and your family.

Get the right sized sofa!

Don’t just consider the size of the sofa, but the available space around the sofa for other pieces of furniture such as tables or floor lamps etc.

What about Delivery?

Delivery charges can vary massively and also what is ‘Termed as delivery’. For example some retailers will just deliver the sofa to the exterior of the property and some will actually lift it into your living room and unpack and remove the packaging. Again be careful not to misinterpret what you have actually paid for when it comes to delivery.

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