How colour affects mood in a room

The link between people’s mood and colours are not completely understood, even by scientists. The colours we choose to live with definitely affect how we feel, think and act. We should certainly take heed to the personality of the colours we choose in a room setting.

So what colours influence moods in rooms, we take a closer look at warm, cool and neutral colours.

Warm Colours, such as red-orange, yellows and certain greens create a radiant cosy feel. Because warm colours seem to make small rooms appear smaller and more intimate.

Cool colours such as blue, blue-greens and undertones of purple make a room appear larger. But these tones can make a room feel colder, these colours work well in a sunny room and may not be as comforting in a room with little natural light.

Neutral colours such as white, cream, grey and beige. Neutral colours have a wider definition and encompass a large range of colours. Neutral colours are very popular when choosing colours to decorate a modern room, neutral colours can make a room appear larger.

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