What to expect from an interior designer

Well in order to know what to expect from an interior designer let’s take a look at what they do.

Effectively they are there to simplify the process of renovating or redesigning spaces. They work within a clients brief and also very importantly their budget to implement and design to fit their clients lifestyle and taste.

An interior designer will remodel the available space to make it both attractive and functional. Effectively they take a standard room and make it extraordinary.

When should you engage with an interior designer ?

Ideally the earlier the better. If the project is on an large scale and has drawings by and architect in could be an idea to show the interior designer at this stage.

What will an interior designer ask me?

Interior designers will ask you what the rooms will be used for. Also they will ask you about colour and style preferences, location, budget and also the overall project time.

The clearer the brief is the better the end result. Be honest about what you like and dislike, also if children or pets will be using the space.

So where do I find one?

At the end of the day, nothing beats word of mouth, ask a friend, architect, kitchen installer, builder, or even your local furnishings store.

Can they help me get better deals of fabric and furniture?

Definitely, most Interior designers have partnerships with stores and can access furniture, home wares and fabric at great prices that could be passed onto you.

Finally, how do you I ensure they get my style

Using social media sites such as Pinterest make trend boards to show your ideas. Use magazines and collect swatches of fabrics and wall coverings and anything to illustrate your ideas and style.

For further help and advice on decorating your house or individual rooms talk to Perkins Stockwell on 0116 251 6501 or email info@perkinsstockwell.co.uk

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