Curtain Transformation Design Ideas for 2017

Curtains: a simple piece of fabric that once placed over a window pane not only aids in filtering the light coming in to a room but is something that can create ambiance and warmth in a space. If you would like to have a go at transforming the look of your curtains and turning them in to something a little more vivid or a tad fancier then we have got some tips for you below.


This works particularly well for complete floor length curtains, by stencilling an elaborate pattern on the bottom or the edges you can achieve a subtle design that pops without overwhelming the space.

Lace trims

A minimalist approach but still a creative addition to your curtains is to add a lace trim to the bottom of them allowing them to give the room an attractive and decorative touch.

Curtain ties

The right curtain tie can add a minimal elegance to your curtains, you could try a custom brass hook and rope style to enhance the look of your curtain instantly or another option would be to go with the more traditional tassel style tie but to make sure to choose a colour that will compliment the style and shade of your curtains.

Tie Dye

Instantly transform a space into a more vibrant and energetic area by tie dying the bottom quarter of your curtains or even go the whole hog and do the whole thing.

Curtain rods

Switching up your bland and un-dramatic rod for a striking one can also lend a hand to extending a stylish touch to any room.

Whether you plan to detail your curtain with stencilling, lace or tie dying try your best to create an original and even an experimental look to best add that missing flavour to your space.

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