What curtains should you choose?

Whether you are blessed with plenty of natural daylight pouring into your home, or you’ve lumbered with a dark space that needs brightening up, window treatments should never be disregarded!

Choosing curtains and blinds for the different rooms may not be the no.1 thing on your list, but it should most certainly be on the list! Many people do make the mistake of ignoring the importance of window treatments simply because they do not realise the difference they canmake to a space!

When considering what curtains you should use in your different rooms, you need to consider colour, style, fabric, and length. Do you want blackout curtains for your bedroom? Or lightweight cotton curtains that will allow the natural sunlight to wake you up? Do you want thick-cut, heavy-set, luxurious velvet curtains for you dining room? Or would you prefer a lighter, glossier silk set curtain? We could go on – the decisions are endless!

What we recommend is deciding on one thing straightaway – are these curtains a feature or a necessity? For example; some people have curtains in their bedroom simply to keep the light out the morning, whereas some people choose to make them a key decorative feature.

Once you have determined this, you will be able to decide of a budget and style a lot easier – and you won’t end up overspending on curtains you don’t want to be huge feature in the room.

Once you have decided on this, you need to assess what the over look of your room is and what will look best within that room…

Colour – Visualise different coloured curtains in your room. If you have a big, bright room, you can afford to use some dark and moody colours in your curtains, as they won’t make it look too dim. However, we recommend in a smaller or less bright room, stick to fresh, light colours to make it appear lighter and bigger. Remember that your curtains don’t necessarily have to mimic your interiors to look good in the room! For example, in very colourful rooms, it is sometimes good to go for neutral curtains to create a good balance – whereas in monochrome, neutral rooms you should dare to be different and try out some bright, vivid curtains! Patterned curtains also look wonderful against a neutral backdrop!

Material – When it comes to the material, you need to consider three things – thickness, price and appearance. The same as with colour, bright rooms can afford to use a thicker, heavy curtain, where as darker rooms would be better with a light weight, thinner curtain.

With an incredible range of gorgeous curtains offered, you will be spoilt for choice when you are shopping for new curtains in Leicester with Perkins Stockwell & Co Ltd!

Whatever your style, preferences and requirements, we can create curtains which perfectly complement the look and feel of your living space – making it much easier to create your ideal home!

From a simple design in a classic colour, to more intricate and detailed styles, we create curtains in the finest quality fabrics which are designed to enhance any room! New curtains can make a big difference to any living space, so if you are looking for a simple yet effective way to update your property, we can help!

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