Things to consider if you’re buying a floor

When going out to purchase your new flooring, things you’ll need to consider are the price, how do you maintain it and how durable it is?

As well as considering the price at the time of installation you will also need to think about how long it will last in the environment you are putting it in and due to this how long before it would need replacing. Laminate flooring for example compared to wooden flooring is a much more temporary option and will wear down much quicker over time, meaning it might not end up being as cost effective as originally thought.

Things to think about

Traffic Levels, how much traffic will the flooring be subject too? Think about any pets, children or people with disabilities and choose the flooring accordingly taking those factors in to account.

What surface are you fitting your new floor too? This can affect what floor you’re able to fit and how it is fitted.

Height variations, a wooden floor can come in various thicknesses and different fitting methods can affect the overall height of a finished floor. You may need to make allowances for this, especially is fitting floors through multiple rooms.

What’s your budget? A budget is essential for your chosen supplier or fitter, if they don’t know your budgets then they are more likely to offer you the wrong products for your price range, especially when there are a lot of different products on the market to suit all budgets.

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