The Best Living Room Trends for 2016

January is the most popular time where most homeowners think about home makeovers to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. In this blog we take a look at a few trends that will include different decorative pieces and design elements.

Organic Decor Choices

There are plenty of ways in which your living room can be made more natural, add amazing greens maybe bring in a side table or coffee table with a live edge or turn other organic materials into cosy and pleasing pieces of furniture.

Sustainable Designs

The Threat of global warming is a scary thing; however this generation are turning towards a cleaner and greener life. With the materials we use, nothing needs to be wasted, with a little DIY and some creativity you can produce some real gems for your living room.

The Vintage theme is also making a comeback at the moment, this includes antique decor, accessories and even wall signs, so put these at the top of your list.

Create Your Own Style

As scary as it sounds, personal choices are slowly becoming the style of 2016. So bringing your own style and implementing it into your living room brings that extra touch, making your home more cosy.

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