Summer living room ideas to lift your mood

Summer is on its way, it is time to brighten up your rooms with some vibrant homeware.

For a fresh look we have renovated a bland and lifeless room with smart seating, pink hues, floral designs and a rug reminiscent of the impressionist movement as a feature piece. Channel the essence of summer with these bright and beautiful colour schemes in your living room.

Update your living room with a fresh new look during the summer months, conjure up a laid-back design to space just made for relaxation. Fresh white walls are the perfect backdrop, allowing you to experiment with different colours and themes on a blank canvas allowing for some striking contrast.

Replacing all the heavy fabrics in your room such as curtains is a simple way to create a summer sanctuary out of a cosy wintery den. A roller blind is a perfect choice if you prefer more privacy at night, without blocking out any natural light during the day. Alternately, voiles will let sunlight stream into any room.

Muted palettes can be used, such as stone or pebble grey, alongside natural, nautical textures to evoke memories of the coast, instantly making any room feel summer-ready. Seaglass accessories, wicker armchairs, jute baskets and distressed wooden furniture will all contribute towards that chilled-out seaside vibe.

Bright, rich accent colours can be used to lift neutral spaces. Transform your living room from spring to summer by just updating your accessories. Utilise vivid, rusty oranges to create a cheerful scheme that is sure to bring a smile to your face, all the way through summer. By simply choosing a different accent as a finishing touch you can easily and effectively change the look and feel of the entire room.

Reflective surfaces in plains rooms can work wonders by making them look larger and brighter.

Bring nature indoors by including houseplants, they are surprisingly easy to maintain and transform the colour and texture of a room. Built in water reservoirs and space age water retaining soil additives make plant care incredibly simple.

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