Some decorating mistakes you might want to avoid

There’s a good chance that at some point you will have made one of these decorating mistakes before, but once you are aware of the actual mistakes that are being made you should be able to avoid making them again or even for the first time.

Multiple Focal Points
Having more than one focal point in a room can make it feel confused and doesn’t give the eye anywhere to rest. Though the architecture will not always make it possible to have only one focal point, it is best to do so wherever possible.

An excessive amount of pillows
Remember that pillows and cushions are there to add comfort not take it away, if you have so many that you are unable to find a spot to sit then you have too many. Try and keep the amount of accent pillows you have to 2 or 3.

Not testing paint colours
Before committing to any wall colour, test a sample area first. The colour of the paint can change significantly and is dependent on the way the natural light moves during the day and the amount of light that enters the room. Painting a sample square on your chosen wall and leaving for 24 hours before making your final decision is the best way to go.

Too many large plants
Plants are an important addition to a room and you should have at least a couple but, you shouldn’t go over the top. Don’t get plants that are going to grow to a size that will start to overtake the space, find smaller ones to complement the room.

Avoid stains by using furniture covers
Nobody likes stains. If you do live in a home where they are likely to occur don’t cover your furniture up with unattractive throws or covers. A much better idea is to invest in furniture that is stain resistant or that can be easily washed rather than covering them up.

Too many patterns
Patterns are a great way to add another dimension to a room, but having too many; not so much. If you use too many in one space they can become distracting and be confusing to the eye.

Not taking time and decorating too quickly
As they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither can you make an inviting and comfortable room. A room should naturally evolve over the course of time, so take time on your decisions and don’t rush to finish it all at once. You probably won’t like the result if you do.

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