Our Bronte Carpets

Perkins is proud to say that we have been working together with Bronte Carpets for a number of years now. Bronte carpets are a family ran company, whose goal is to produce carpets that give you that true feeling of luxury beneath your feet!

Bronte CarpetsBronte Carpets are NOT produced by turfing machines, but on manually controlled pass machines, where one skilled carpenter will be in control of your carpet.

This method may be slower, but it will always ensure that the quality of each carpet is at its best.

Wool is an excellent type of fibre to have for your carpet for a number of reasons. For a start, wool carpets will trap the heat in winter and will help insulate your home to keep you warm. This can even help to save on your energy bills – which is always a plus!

For you Asthma Sufferers, you may of heard that replacing your carpet is better for you as it will stop your asthma triggering from the dust – this is not true! Wool carpets will hold the dust in-between the fibres until it is vacuumed, the same can’t be said for laminated flooring as the dust may fly up into the atmosphere, for example when you open or shut doors.

If you a worried about how your carpet is produced, choosing a wool carpet is the best as the wool is sheared from sheep. And when it comes to replacing your wool carpet you can return back to the ‘earth’ – which leads us to our next point.

Biodegradable – The benefits of biodegrading your carpet is that when it does decompose into the ground it will give your plants the nutrients it needs to keep them growing.

There are many more advantages of choosing a wool carpet, but that enough about Bronte Wool Carpets, the question is what can Perkins do for you? For a start, we can –

  • Measure
  • Survey
  • Quote
  • Supply
  • Install ALL of their products

Because at Perkins Stockwell we will always go the extra mile to provide a quality service from start to finish and all of our fitters work to the highest standards. So what are you waiting for? Enquire online today!

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