Linking rooms with some colour

Though you might have many different ideas for what colours you would like in each room of your home and probably want to try them all, you should stop for a moment and imagine the effect of this will be overall. What will it look like when all of the doors are open in the house? In smaller properties this can produce a messy effect but, larger properties do tend to be more forgiving.


You can decide to go with a few harmonious colours, for example, you could paint one room green, the neighbouring room blue-green and the next one blue.

On the other hand, you can stick to using one colour, but using different tones of it across the property, which can work particularly well in rooms that open into each other. For example, go for a pale shade of green and then continue to use darker shades in each subsequent room as you go along.

Is one of your rooms wallpapered, why not pick out one of the shades to paint the next room in or use the main colour of the wallpaper as your base.

To bring together the whole house you should aim to keep your entire woodwork one colour and this is generally white. If you are going with a natural colour for your walls you can even get paint custom mixed with 1 part of your chosen colour and 3 parts white.

Before starting the painting

So you’ve now chosen your preferred colours and you’re ready to get going, just before you do start though there are a few things to mention:

Purchase some tester pots of the colour you have chosen and try and paint a square measuring at least 4 feet to get the best realistic look.

If using multiple colours and you want to see what they look like together, don’t just paint them in lines next to each other. Get some non-absorbent white paper and paint them on to that, this way you get a better impression and can also move them around to see how they work in different orders and lighting conditions.

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