How to go about protecting the carpets in your home from your pets

However much you are devoted to your four legged furry friends, not many out there would argue that they could make a wreck of your carpets if they wanted to.

Carpeting in a room can be pivotal to the decor and will be one the first things to make an impression to guests of your home and owning indoor animals will mean it’s going to take that little bit extra to keep it looking nice and clean.

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Get yourself a black light flashlight

Because it is impossible to keep track of your pets every movement every minute of the day, the best way to check around for trouble spots is to get yourself a black light torch which will reveal spots of urine when shined on in the dark. Theses flashlights aren’t expensive and can be found in most pet stores.

Invest in an area rug
An area rug is great way to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, particularly if you have pets that come and go potentially tracking in dirt and mud. Patterned rugs are an ideal choice as they are more forgiving to the odd dirt mark.

Get a pet specific vacuum

Pet hair and fur can and will accumulate on your furniture and carpets and will clog up your vacuum just as fast. Purchasing a vacuum that has been designed to cope with and take care of pet hair and fur will help keep your carpets and furniture clean and fur and hair free.

Clean your carpet regularly

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every six months is a good idea, but having a residential carpet steamer is good to have at hand for spot cleaning. When making an appointment for a cleaning service, look for a company specialising in pet deodorising.

Scratching posts

If you own a cat then you probably know that one that is determined can destroy an entire section of carpet just by scratching and pulling up the fibres. Making sure that you have a carpet lined scratching post for your feline friend will help keep them away from the carpet and furniture.

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