Getting your house ready for 2018

Making New Year resolutions is nothing new, but making them for you home might be. Taking care of your homes major components make a lot of sense considering what an investment they are and it’s much more cost ad time effective to stay on top of things rather than waiting for something to go wrong before tackling a problem.

Maintain your pipe work

Plumbing in our homes often gets ignored until an actual problem happens. Make it prat of your monthly routine to clear them using a solution of baking powder and white vinegar to get rid of any things that’s been deposited. Using these natural products won’t harm your pipes.

Get rid of any hair that has accumulated around sink and shower holes, before it clogs the drain.

The Tumble Dryer

You should get in the habit of removing lint from your dryers filter after each time it is used, this wont only make your dryer more efficient it will avoid build up of lint which can in some cases set on fire if left to build up.

Remove the air vent hose around once a year, and clean as thoroughly as you can. If you are unable to get it clean it might be time to get a new one.

What going on in the loft?

Places that you don’t use very frequently like the loft can easily get neglected but inspecting on a regular basis can help you catch small problems before they escalating. During the colder months you should watch out for any ice dams or icicles forming on the roofline, this indicated a loft with insufficient insulation or ventilation.

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