Flooring for winter

So you’ve got your wooden floor and you are wondering how to protect in for the Winter period. Well one of the first things you should consider is to check the floor for cracks, gaps, or splits that may let draughts through. It is kind of crazy to get your heating started only to let the very cold draughts through the gaps in your wood flooring.

There are basically three ways to fill gaps in wood flooring. Use a dust and resin filling, put a filler strip between the boards or by applying maybe a colour matched acrylic to fill the gaps. This approach will save money in the long run.

Once the floor is in good working order, give your floor a good clean and if necessary re-oil it and repair the lacquer. With regards to cleaning, your job will be easier if you can clear the room of any furniture, but if that’s not possible, move your furnishings to one side so you can clean sections of the room, one by one. If your floor is only lightly soiled, all you’ll need to do is vacuum. If your floor needs a deeper clean, why not invest in a specialist wood floor cleaner that’ll give it a good,deep clean.

When you’ve satisfied yourself that your floor is free of gaps and thoroughly cleaned, you need to think about good quality doormats. While you’ll never be able to reach the point whereby no dirt comes into your home from outdoors, by investing in good quality doormats,you’ll improve your chances enormously. The dust and dirt that comes into your home from outside are one of the worst enemies of the surface of your floor because they sit on its surface and scratch away at its finish until they’re removed. Installing an outdoor doormat, which is backed up with an indoor mat will dramatically reduce the amount of damaging dirt and grit that gets into your home. The simple action of wiping feet thoroughly will pay serious dividends for your wooden floor, particularly during the winter months, when humidity is particularly high.

Rugs are a great way to keep the heat in and also protect your wooden floor. They are particularly good for hallways and living rooms, rugs will not only make your room seem warmer, but they will block out any remaining draughts that might sneak their way through your floor boards.

For further help and advice on wooden floors and floor care, talk to Perkins Stockwell on 0116 251 6501 or email info@perkinsstockwell.co.uk

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