Do blinds help to keep your house warm?

Yes, blinds can be an effective way of reducing the heating bills and increasing the temperature in your home as well as improving its overall appearance.

As the sunlight shines through your windows the heat will get trapped in the gap between the window and the blinds creating a similar effect of that of a greenhouse. This is great for the winter months and can easily be avoided in the warmer times of the year by simply raising the blinds to leave the windows uncovered.

There are a few pointers to get the best results from your blinds in regards to keeping the heat in.

Choose the right material

Think about the fabric you are choosing; now while there isn’t any one perfect fabric that will eliminate heat loss from your windows fully, some are better than others. Typically blinds made from a high quality thermal fabric will be the ideal option, blackout blinds are also a good way to go as they are often made from thicker fabric due to their nature and could be a good choice for you if you didn’t want to go down the specific fabric route.

Ones to avoid though are blinds made from materials such as plastics or vinyl which don’t tend to retain heat well.

Quite often people will choose to have blinds that white/reflective on one side and dark/absorbing on the opposite which they can reverse depending on the time of the year.

Go for a perfect fit

Having your blinds fit perfectly is essential to helping them retain the heat inside of your home. They have to fit the windows correctly, sitting as close to the window as possible will also help. Any gaps will allow the heat to get out and reduce the effectiveness of the blinds.

Don’t forget the conservatory

If you are the owner of a large conservatory you might notice that even turning up the heat can have little difference to the temperature in your home. Fitting blinds in your conservatory windows will considerably help to moderate the temperature in the home by reducing heat that is lost through the windows. This also applies to the ceiling of the conservatory as well, and yes there are blinds for that also that can still let in natural light.

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