Benefits of project management

What’s so important about project management you may ask? This is a question that clients may sometimes ask. They’ll say ‘Why not just brief the team that’s doing the work and then manage them ourselves? Surely it’s cheaper that way?’

Their main interests are always whether project management is even necessary, and this is mainly down to the fact that on paper it does appear to be an unnecessary tax and overhead due to project managers not delivering anything and more than not getting in the way of what they want the team to be achieving. If this is the case, then why even bother with project management, is it that important?

Professional and properly done project management can certify that companies of all sizes can reap the benefits that come with a well-controlled, project-based approach. Listed below are a few of the benefits:

  • Able to fully understand the projects goals, benefits and objectives before assigning important resources, ensuring that only the projects deemed likely to provide benefits larger than the initial investment are started.
  • Have a rigorous approach to defining a reasonable but still challenging, budget and timeline for completion.
  • Ascertain an ordered approach to clearly defining roles & responsibility for the delivery of the project; this is a critical part of building commitment to the objectives of the project.
  • Ability to implement systematic processes to manage any changes to the project scope or its objectives, helping to minimise risks associated with change to the end product.

Good project management will unite teams and clients, get everyone working to the same goals, create a vision for success and keep everything on the right track for success.

Superior project management will require project managers to analyse all potential risks carefully, aggregate them and develop a mitigation and contingency plan if they might be needed in the future.

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